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(Amphibian) Checklist of Amphibian Species and Identification Guide: An Online Guide for the Identification of Amphibians in North America north of Mexico

Amphibian & reptile identification

Animal Diversity Web - Classification



Butterfly Basics (Field Museum) Interested in discovering the difference between a butterfly & moth?



Copyright - When U.S. Works Pass into the Public Domain

Crosses Identification (on Coat of Arms)



American Kennel Club Breeds (dogs)



Fabric University - How to Identify Textile Fibers Based on How They Burn.
History of Fashion 1900-1990
Antique & Vintage Clothing Timeline from 1839-1910s
Click on a decade to see real costume examples and photographs from each era!
Flower Meanings -
Click on Flower Names to see Flower Pictures!
List of Fraternal Organizations
(Wondering what those initials stand for?)
A-L -
M-Z -


Gemstone Index


American Indian Symbol Dictionary


United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patents)
Virtual Plastics Museum Timeline
Caring for Plastics

A Strategy for the Care of Plastics
History of Plastics: (American Plastics Council)
History of Plastics: (
Plastics Timeline 1000 BC to 2002


THE EMBL REPTILE DATABASE (European Molecular Biology Laboratory)


The Online Encyclopedia of American Silver Marks
Basic Hallmark Identification
BBC Antiques - Introduction to Silver and Metalware (Including Hallmarks)
SPRATLING SILVER Reference Website
Victorian Symbolism


United States Patent and Trademark Office (Trademarks)