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A big part of the fun of button collecting is learning about how the buttons were made, what they were made of, how they were used, etc., etc., etc. This section of the website is a place for just that kind of information. If you have researched some aspect of the hobby and want to publish your findings for the rest of the button community, please email me and let me know you're interested, so we can iron out the particulars.

Nancy Craig of Arizona has tracked down some information about clothing designer Todd Oldham's buttons. Take a look at what she found out.

Vicky Mayhall looks at Burwood, Syroco, A.N.N., G.A.P. and other buttons and asks 'WOODn't you Like to Know More' about them. 

 The Burwood Story by Sue Carter (reprinted with permission from the Fall 2002 issue of the Arizona State Button Society Bulletin)

Shelley Strick has put together an interesting and colorful look at Fabric/Textile buttons. (previously published in the Winter 2006 California Button Brief - submitted by the author)


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