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Gary Brockman "The Art of Buttons"



Bapterosse Museum, Briare, France

Bead & Button Magazine

British Button Backmarks hosted at Diana's Buttons

Buttonarium - Online Button Museum

A Button Collector's Book List

Button Bytes Light - Archives - articles from 1997 -1999

Button Collectors Webring

Button Images (Lisa Schulz) - Collector's Info: cleaning, identification, etc.



Carol Cienna's Educational Pages

China Calico Buttons

China Exchange - Website for China Button Lovers

Collectible China Buttons

Competition Tray Showcase

Cuff links Article


Denis' Buttons Page (Denis A. Darmanin) - information about uniform buttons

Dill Buttons
Dominion Button Works



French Button Collection of Jacques Segalen

French Button Site



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George Washington Inaugurals (Cobb Collection)


The Keep Homestead Museum



Mary Dyer


(Patent) Class Schedule - Class 79 Button Making
(Pearl Buttons) Mississippi River Pearls


Toma Japanese Button Collection


Webshells: Treasure Trove of Buttons - Shelley Strick)

World Collectors Net